With the motto "We won't let you down", Guilin Achino Co.,Ltd. is specialized in making unique hangers for anyone who has a need for specially shaped hangers. Our techniques for making custom-shaped hangers have enjoyed the popularity of many manufacturers of fashion and star hotels.

Garments are better fit, better display and long lasting than the other garments without hangers. Customized hangers are designed for all of your clothing. They are designed to fit the unique curve of fine suits so that they will retain their shape for years to come. Your design of fashion needs appropriate kinds of hangers as well. For instance, bamboo hangers are extremely light in weight but durable. Many people like the tiny wood grain and the light color. Walnut is a much harder wood and will stay looking new for many years. You can choose from our collection of stock hangers, or get help in designing a custom hanger from scratch by selecting options available from our online catalog.

It is fun to make hangers with details that reflect the particular garment for which you are intended. You could customize the style, dimensions, finish (wood & hardware) and logo to your specifications. Following some simple steps, anyone can create a satisfactory hanger. 

  • Choose the body. Hangers can be cut to fit any shape, thickness, length or size. They are all based on your clothing type.
  • Select the finish. We offer glossy, matte, metallic and textured exterior finishes enhancing the overall look and feel of your hangers.
  • Select components (for example: hooks, clips, notches, shoulder accents)
  • Incorporating your logo design. All logos are available in ink print, laser engrave, name plate or hot-foil.

Customized hangers are getting garments more attractive according to your needs. Our goal is to meet your need. We select items and materials based on quality, and we wish our service would integrate with your views.

Please feel free for contacting us at any time.

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